Wind turbines have significant potential to contribute to the renewable energy mix.

They have a cost payback typically between five and ten years, and a large turbine pays back it’s environmental “footprint” within a year.  As has been shown particularly in Scotland, community wind projects can generate very significant income streams for their owning communities, increasing the sustainability and quality of life in their communities.

We currently have a grant from Ynni’r Fro to develop a 500kW single turbine site in East Carmarthenshire. This is a joint venture project with Seren Energy Ltd.  If permitted and once built, this scheme will generate approximately 1.9GW of electricity per annum,save around 1000t of carbon dioxide per annum, and earn Carmarthenshire Energy Ltd up to £60,000 per annum over 25 years.

We have also recently won funding to develop a map of potential wind turbine sites for community use in the county.  This will be made available in the members area once completed.