Thank you to our Supporters and Funders

We aim to make ourselves a sustainable business, recycling profits from schemes to roll out every community scheme that can be delivered in the county over time.

However, during this time in our development, we are heavily reliant on support from key organisations, for engaging with us, sharing ideas, giving voluntary time to work with us, and ultimately, providing cash in the form of grants or donations.

For funding the start up phase, the development of this website and the registration costs of the Industrial Provident Society, we thank Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership for their critically needed support.

For funding critical business advice, business plan development, and legal consultancy on developing share offers and membership, we thank Wales Co-operative Centre 

We have also recently won significant project based funding from Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro scheme, covering at risk development costs.  This is currently the only grant scheme available in Wales for this much needed support.

Some costs in developing schemes are necessarily incurred prior to obtaining planning permission and can be very much at risk.  This limits the availability of grants to develop schemes:  as a result, donations towards our work are welcome.