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Share Offer Now Closed

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But we are likely to launch a new share offer in 2019 to raise a further £250,000.
 Minimum Investment only £100

Thank you! We have now raised over £1m of our project costs. Since the last Share Offer opened the turbine has been generating electricity and profits.

We have already managed to pay off fully the initial £850,000 loan from Finance Wales.

There is still a chance for additional investors to join us when we have another loan due for repayment in 2019.

Our 500kW wind turbine will produce clean, low carbon energy for at least the next two decades. Generating an excellent return on your investment that cannot be matched by high street banks.

We are working towards our ambitions of:

  1. Protecting residents from fuel poverty.
  2. Promoting action to combat climate change.
  3. Encouraging entrepreneurship by keeping jobs, skills and finance within our communities.

To date we have invested directly into the local community through a project that will bring long-term benefits - at the Salem Community Hall we installed solar panels (10kW) and battery storage (5kWh) so the energy produced by the panels can be used by the charge point for electric vehicles that we also installed.
We are currently funding low energy lighting solutions (advised through Renew Wales) to bring down the cost and carbon of lighting the building and the Salem community have since been inspired to install a heat pump that will effectively eradicate energy bills for much of the year. We have also rebuilt 8m of drystone wall, using local skills and replanted for biodiversity.

Together we are building a resilient community, a result we hope to replicate throughout Carmarthenshire.

We have made further advances by actively advising Ferryside Lifeboat Station on a similar installation, with a view to rendering this vital emergency facility independent of the vagaries and cost of grid electricity. Additionally, a dehumidifier and heater will preserve vital and expensive kit.
We are hoping to promote this model and offer zero-interest loans throughout our County. 

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We owe a lot of thanks to the following organisations who have supported us no end and without whom this would not be possible: Seren Energy, Welsh Government & Ynni'r Fro, Energy Saving Trust,Wales Co-operative Centre, The Network for Social Change, Renew Wales, Robert Owen Community Bank, and Sharenergy.