Salem Wind Turbine (CELT 2)

Our community-owned 500kW wind turbine has been generating electricity since June 2016. Together we have generated over 2.2 GWH since the wind turbine has been in operation; enough electricity to run 700 homes for a year.   Profit has been distributed to Salem, the village where our turbine is located, find out how. We have raised a fantastic £1m to pay for the turbine from share holders, 72% of which are local residents of Carmarthenshire. ​ 

Community Economic Impact

​The project will generate a range of economic impacts, including the following key benefits:

1.    Payments to Seren Energy and local landowner, sustaining both a local business and farm
2.    Supporting the development of Carmarthenshire based renewable energy projects earning further profits
3.    Establishing a scheme supporting local householders, businesses and community organisations with grants and zero/low interest loans
4.    Interest paid to shareholders (see Share Offer page for details)

The Society has made financial forecasts on a number of different yield and export value scenarios, with the most conservative scenario indicating surpluses for items 3 & 4 in excess of £2,000,000 over 25 years.