Offer a Site

While the sun, wind and water tend to move around a fair bit, renewable energy schemes have to be located on somebody’s asset, be it land or a building.  In some cases, this can be simple, for example with renting a south facing rooftop.  Hydro and wind schemes can involve more than one person’s land, and we need landowners, whether farmers, statutory bodies such as the Forestry Commission or Local, Town and Community Councils, to negotiate leases so that we can realise schemes.

There are many benefits to working with us if you have land or an asset with renewable energy potential:

Our board has an extensive range of skill and expertise in developing renewable energy projects
A community dimension can open doors in the planning system, and can give the scheme an edge over purely commercial proposals
We can still offer a substantial stake in the scheme – see “Work with us”
Providing these assets to communities offers substantial public relations benefits
While we welcome any offers of preferential rates of rent for community schemes, we are happy to offer a fair commercial rate to lease sites.