Members Area

We currently have over 200 members and are eager to gain more support.

Our current investors/members have been offered 5.6% interest from the day of investment. Many have chosen to reinvest this at the same market leading rate of 5.6%.

Despite raising £800,000 in our previous share offers. We are still paying Finance Wales 7.5% on £450,000. We are grateful to FW for their support of community energy in Wales. But the higher interest rate means less profit for Carmarthenshire, climate change, energy efficiency and combating fuel poverty in our communities.

Therefore the Board have decided to launch a final opportunity for new and current members to invest in this successful scheme at 5.6% The offer will run until September 30th 2017.

We are asking you to become a new Member or extend your current Membership in our Society which is already transforming communities, combating climate change and will be in a position to offer all its Members a fair return on funds.

Carmarthenshire Energy is a Community Benefit Society founded in 2012 following a year of consultation with communities, businesses, councillors and officers. We aim to support community groups and those suffering from fuel poverty and concerned about energy security and climate change; creating renewable energy projects run for people not profit, with any surplus generated reinvested in the local economy.

Our 500kW wind turbine is producing clean, low carbon energy for at least the next two decades. We couldn’t have achieved this without the support and funding from existing members.

A major motivation for this share offer is to increase membership, keep the profit with our members and give CEL and the community energy sector in Wales a stronger voice in advocating action on Climate Change in Local Government and Nationally.  

You are invited to become a Member of the Society. You can subscribe to this Share Offer for as little as £100. Members are expected to receive a fair return on investment projected at 5.6% IRR.

Our structure is based on other successful Renewable Societies across the UK, including several community-owned wind turbines.

We hope you do decide to join us and become a Member of Carmarthenshire Energy. We have many opportunities to help people in our Communities
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