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Supporting Carmarthenshire Energy is easy, you can do so in the following ways

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When it comes to community consultation, project development or the submission of planning applications it is really important for us to show that we have support. It can be the difference between a project going ahead or not.

If you agree with the aims of Carmarthenshire Energy, you can show your support for our organisation and receive regular updates on our activities by liking our facebook page or by signing up to receive our newsletter. Please fill in the form below to be added to our mailing list. (We promise not to spam you!)

Become a Member

Shares in Carmarthenshire Energy cost £1. Although a Community Benefit Society is not legally a “true” co-op, it shares the ethos of co-operative working.  Every member must hold at least 100 shares, and each member, no matter how many or few shares they hold, has one vote. All members are entitled to stand for election to the Board at Annual General Meetings.

For further details, email: 

Make a Donation

We welcome any donation you may wish to make to the company’s work. 
Simply fill out the details below and make your payment in one of the following ways -
By donating directly to the Carmarthenshire Energy Limited bank account using these details:

Account name     carmarthenshire energy limited
Sort code            08-92-99
account number   65672130

Or Via PayPal by clicking the logo below and entering the email:

*If you make the payment via the paypal friends button there is no charge.

NB: Please put in the message line: Donation and your name

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