Hydro electricity is energy generated in the flow of a river. Broadly divided into high and low head schemes, this technology can be slow to develop with high capital costs, but schemes tend to operate over a long period (typically over thirty years) with fairly consistent returns.

To see a study of hydro opportunities funded by the Rural Development Plan for Wales (Zero Carbon Communities) in 2009, please get in touch.

We currently have a small grant allocated from Ynni’r Fro to develop five previously identified sites to the next stage. This will include consulting landowners, planners and Natural Resources Wales. If successful we will have more news about taking these schemes forward in our 'Latest News' section.

Allt Cafan Hydro Project

We are currently trying to rebuild the hydro scheme at the old woollen mill at Allt Cafan, Pentrecwrt. This is a project that we have been working on for the past 6 years. As existing members will now, we have all the permissions in place. However the Westminster onslaught on renewable energy, most recently via business rates, has rendered the scheme financially challenging. We have therefore applied for some grant funding.