Our Aims and Objectives

In a world where fuel poverty is a critical and growing problem for ever more households, fossil fuels are an ever diminishing and ever more costly resource.

Carmarthenshire Energy’s aims are driven by the challenges of fuel poverty and climate change.  Our need for heat and electrical power is local and global, as is the need to cut our production of greenhouse gases by consuming fossil fuels.

"Delivering energy saving and renewable energy schemes can be a real challenge for small communities. We believe communities have a right to benefit directly from their natural resources, and we aim to provide just enough support to deliver every possible scheme, while leaving as much of the control and profit as possible with the community. " Neil Lewis, Chair of Carmarthenshire Energy

While government and business have key roles in delivering change on these issues, we feel that communities have a crucial role and responsibility to meet the challenge too. We also believe that taking that challenge on and planning a future where we own and generate sustainable energy can be a stimulant to creating stronger, more resilient and happier communities.

Although we recognise that energy auditing, and a planned approach to reducing energy use, is the priority in terms of energy efficiency, we see the potential for renewable energy schemes to earn money as a way of securing the resources to deliver those aims.  

We can build a brighter, cleaner and wealthier future for our communities, by working together.
Our full rules can be accessed by members otherwise they are available on request.