We are pleased to announce the appointment of 4 employees.

We have secured 2 years of Leader funding for developing innovative projects.The appointees will be funded through match-funding of our volunteer Board.

We have appointed an Energy Local Manager/General Manager on a full-time basis.

We have an Energy Local co-ordinator working full-time.

There is also an Electric Vehicle Charge point co-ordinator working with Carmarthenshire County Council's Transport department to deploy infrastructure for EVs.This person will also be communicating with neighbouring Authorities to develop an EV strategy.

We also are employing a fourth member of staff on one-day per week.

This is an exciting prospect, as until now, (for 8 years) we have been entirely run by volunteers.

 CEL's Board (all of us volunteer our time) have been involved in the following activities:
CELT 2 - Carmarthenshire's first community-owned turbine - is now spinning and generating income.

• Nominated for a Wales Green Energy Award 2015 in the 'Community Engagement' Category.

• Building relationships with other community energy networks/organisations: e.g. Renew Wales, Community Energy Wales, ROCBF, Severn Wye, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, engaging with politicians, speaking at events, writing articles and undertaking councillor presentations.
Active social media accounts and website with relevant community news.

• Signed up for digital democracy discussion tool, VocalEyes, and have planned event with Town Council to train other groups

• New Board members recruited from within the community from different disciplines: Marketing, Welfare and Employment, Social Housing and a County Councillor.

• Community consultation for the Carmarthenshire Energy Ltd Turbine 1 scheme in Llanarthne.

• Community engagement for the Allt Cafan hydro scheme.

• Salem community share offer raised £351,049 towards the CELT2 project.

• Worked with Llanfalteg Community Association, who have been developing a process for auditing community energy consumption.

• Provided guidance for the Covenant of Mayors in Llandovery.

• Spoke at a fuel poverty event ‘Cosy, Affordable Winter’ in Llandeilo on LED lighting.

• Worked with Carmarthenshire County Council to deliver a 10kW system at Richmond Park School.

• Members of the Carmarthenshire Local Action Group, Grwp Cefn Gwlad, who implement the LEADER funding for the Rural Development Plan in the County.

• Developed a map of potential wind turbine sites for community use in the county, identifying 50 key opportunities

• Host two Carmarthenshire Co-ordinators and two mentors for the Renew Wales programme, supporting development of climate change action plans with communities and groups. Outdoor learning activities and resource sheets developed in partnership with Outdoor Learning Wales are now available across Wales through that network.

• Co-ordinated a response to the FiT accreditation consultation from DECC.

We're currently busier than ever. If you feel you could offer skills or time to Carmarthenshire Energy, or simply want to sign up as a member to show support for the work we do, please get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you. Join Now!