About Us

Significant work has been done on community energy in Carmarthenshire over the last decade:  Until 2010, there was a Carmarthenshire Energy Agency within Carmarthenshire County Council, working alongside Carmarthenshire County Council Sustainability Officers to deliver support to community groups and volunteers.  Some of the resources and achievements of the Agency are available through this website now.

Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro Programme was then launched in February 2010.  It was clear that the level of response to this opportunity was far larger than could be delivered by a single round of European funding, and a more sustainable mechanism was needed to deliver community renewable energy aspirations.  

After a year of consultation with communities, businesses, councillors and officers, Carmarthenshire Energy Trust was formed as an Unincorporated Association, with some crucial start-up funding from Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership.  A year later, in November 2012, our Industrial & Provident Society for Community Benefit was registered at Companies House.  You can find details about us on the “People” page here, and about the aims we work to here.

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